Handmade Jewelry

Our collections are designed in our studio in New York and handmade by our artisans in Thailand and Cambodia.  Southeast Asia spans back centuries in the precious metal techniques back to the Oudong Period. Our mission is to bring back that strong tradition while spicing it with a modern flare. Each piece of our jewelry is formed, soldered, and molded by hand using traditional Cambodian and Thai metalwork using recycled brass plated in 18kt gold, Karen Tribe sterling silver plated in 18kt gold with precious gemstones and using traditional hand beading Thai craftmanship in necklaces and earrings with fresh water pearls and natural gemstone beads. All of our metalsmiths and artisans work in a free & dignified environment where they are paid fair and above average. We use a ethical supplier to purchase all of our natural gem stones and beads and know the source of Jewelry production from start to finish.

We at ARTISANS OF IQ seek to preserve their traditions and craftmanship.