Our handbags are made from Water Lily stems grown vigorously in the waters of Southeast Asia.

It's notorious for doubling it's biomass in a couple of weeks and cover lakes & ponds entirely; this dramatically affects water flow, blocks sunlight from reaching native aquatic plants, and starves the water of oxygen, often killing fish and aquatic wild life in the region. 

Our artisans are very resourceful and have a solution to this problem by harvesting the plant from the water they cut the stem which is the most resourceful part of the plant and then lay them out for 14 days to naturally dry under the sun. Once the stems are completely dry, Expert weavers start to braid the straw together over wooden molds using indigenous weaving techniques that have been passed down in their family. Once the bags are finished they are taken to another village where another group of talented women  line each bag by hand using 100% soft twill cotton and decorated with 100% silk pompoms. Finally another group of ladies create beautiful embroidered logo dusters for each bag using 100% twill cotton from remnant fabrics that are left over from local workshops. These one of a kind & high quality tote bags give solid work to 4 + different groups of underserved women that live in remote locations & different villages of South East Asia.

These communities work together as a team empowering one another to make each beautiful bag which is helping to provide for their families and educating them. The bags are also raising the standard of living in their local communities, protecting endangered species and aquatic wild life.


Our bags are made of natural, free, abundant, material that is biodegradable- Is a no waste product - & 100% ethical. The artisans are paid fair & above average and the bags give solid work to talented master weavers that live in the jungle of South East Asia while helping preserve their ancient indigenous techniques.